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Focus on | carrying out enterprise safety management and building a strong line of defense for safety production


Since this year, Boyu has taken various forms, carried out the work of safety production and organized special inspection on safety production in accordance with the relevant requirements of the relevant competent departments of production safety and in combination with its own actual situation. In view of the potential safety hazards existing in the production process of the enterprise, the following comprehensive rectification has been carried out, which has achieved remarkable results and greatly promoted the safety production work of our company.

Establish a sound management responsibility mechanism

In order to strengthen the safety production awareness of all staff, fully implement the safety policy of "safety first, prevention first" and ensure the normal production and operation, Boyu organized and held a safety production meeting and established a sound management responsibility mechanism.

Strengthen the fire protection work of enterprises

Fire protection work is the top priority of enterprise safety. Autumn and winter are also the period of frequent fire accidents. Boyu, as an industrial manufacturer, although the fire hazards are low, the company still improves the management and control of fire protection work.

Strengthen safety production training and education

Safety production training and education is an effective way to improve the safety awareness and skills of employees, and is the first gateway for accident prevention. In addition to the three-level safety education and training of Boyu employees, they will actively respond to various vocational training organized by relevant safety authorities.

Boyu always adheres to the idea of "safety first" and conscientiously implements the policies, decrees and regulations of the party and the state on production safety.